Any one have a broom I can barrow? Need to do some cleaning up. And what does AFRN stand for?

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Does anyone have a broom I can barrow? I need to do some Lair Cleaning. Seems a lot of misunderstandings are floating around, the membership and it needs some klensing.

When I post say on FakeBook, an add for babes for pay i/e the poster cover girls, its not me only that pays that bill. It’s a collective effort, of the WolfPack that coughs up those funds. That’s why we do the initial meet and greets. I want to know that the who-ever is going to represent us both on video, as well as in the community is of WolfPack quality, long before I submit their images and application to the WolfPack AlphaWolvez High Council, for approval and to be put on the payroll. Same goes for those that we will put on the cyber air on our streaming radio station/network. If they don’t measure up, can’t show for a…

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Why do I get all these friend suggestions on FB?

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Why the heck do I get all these friend suggestions on FB? Don’t anyone who even invites or accepts a friend request read a person’s profile and see that a person is involved (in my case very involved) with someone else? I like being friends with folks of both genders, guys sometimes, women most of the time. The Women, I befriend in hopes of hiring them for the media werx around here. The guys only if they ride, fly or tow. Anyone else, I just wont. Even still does anyone even read anything anymore? Most youth can’t even read. Only if its on their phone, and even then it’s a best guess for most of them? I seldom get a friend invite from Church members, although, I see them on Sunday, (story on that in a few clicks) but during the week you or rather I don’t hear, see, or…

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The Wolf Howls

Me Howling

Have you been wondering about WolfPackFM? Don’t wonder no more. We are just getting started. Got a structure over on South Park in Twin Falls that will be turned into the Wolf’s Lair. Aka Crazy Cooter’s Garage. Besides building custom rides the facility allows for the ability, to do inside video shoots and doing IPTV , that is, Internet Protocol Television, in essence streaming video TV. So we are getting there. Should be up and running on by mid March. That’s a Wolf Howl Bye For Now.

A young voice that just could not be ignored.

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So got up early and went to Church as usual. Mostly with the intent of grilling a Church member that failed to carry out his promise to me. What I found however is the anger leave me as I entered the Chapel. Once I got in and sat down the usual dribble, went on. Then these two just out of Primary kids got up to sing. Kinda of a pre Thanksgiving treat. One of the young girls was so off key, and really could not carry a tune. Must’ve had a slight case of tone deafness. The other, a rather cute little blonde wearing a set of rather tall black heels,(the girl is about 11 maybe 12) started singing, and her tiny body was putting out a voice that carried. Clear, in tune, on tempo, reminded me of that little Angelica Hale, that was on America’s Got Talent in 2015…

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But you just know somebody knows.

But you just know, somebody knows. But they ain’t telling you. On the many Sparklight Advertising promo ads they run, there’s this honey of a lovely blonde being twirled as she admires the new engagement ring, her guy pal just gave her. The likelyhood that she is getting hitched, to this imbasul, is beyond imagination, but she sure looks good. So with much and still continuing hunting, I wanna know who this flower that just needs to be plucked from the Garden is. They say they have no idea who she is, but by law there has to be a record in case there’s a legal challenge. Somebody in production, or the direction to the producing company knows, but they ain’t letting a media firm owned by and produced for a Motorcycle Club,(hence the initials-M C) So how do you find out this information? Can you imagine her on one of our two wheeled creations on a TV ad? Onto other things. The WolfPack said good bye to CenturyLink this morning. Their dinking around cost us just under $750k, in lost ad generation income revenue. Not that I’m a big fan of Sparklight, but seems as though that changeover in company opened up the door for us. I’m getting full 1 gig service. You’d think that if CenturyLink is going to stay in the ball game, you’d think they’d start coming up with better game plans. Currently their on field and/or techs are not in tune with who is in the coaching box. There needs to be a better way for them to stay afloat. Watch CenturyLink get absorbed by some mammoth bigger company. LG3 is looking at divorcing them as well. Baby Bells, have not fended well since the mass A.T.&.T break up years ago, and that extension is showing. It’s like it was said by the Ace once, It’s not what you know, but who you know and who you blow, that counts in business.

More howling overnight.

If your watching or have watched, The Depot Grill of Twin Falls, Idaho is having its 101st anniversary. As such they rolled back their prices to another era. I never ordered the super discounted specials, but am very impressed by Courtney. Details later this evening.

Thank God I’m Southern Fried

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Thank God I’m Southern Fried. What does that mean? Being Southern Fried means learning at an early age some very serious life lessons. The first is respect of older people and realizing they know more than you cause they have lived longer. The next is doing well in school, even if your not going to be a college proffessor still learn enough so you can still add, subtract multiply and divide without the use of an electronic device even a computer. Next, learn at least enough to be able to write, and read American English and if you want and should Southern Confederate American English, although most of that is mostly Irish and Scottish. 70% Of true southeners come from Irish or Scottish ancestory. The next and this means a lot, learn how and really put forth effort to do something, its called Work, that’s right, WORK, in sweaty, manual…

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KnyteWolf Chronicles Part 5 , just once.

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Good morning yaw’ll, it’s a Sunday Morning, that albeit yaw’ll see your breath vapor in the air, it’s a bit warmer this morning.

Last night had a stranger than strange situation, walked into the Twin Falls Idaho, unit of Dennys. When I did, there was this set of sweet cheeks doing the wait person gig, that I swore that it was my ray of sunshine Alex. But alas not, but dang she looked like they was twins in Twin. So ate and as I did, and while I don’t recommend this to anyone , as the recoil can be really kaddywampus, but this local fuzz was following me with his high beams on, and those are the LED type high beams. So I pulled into a parking lot, as he went by, I got on his 6. Pulled him over and wrote the prick for three things, failure to reduce…

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KnyteWolf Chronicles part 4

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GOOD SATURDAY MORNINGGood Saturday morning, at least I think its morning. Finding mornings a real gas burner, since have no TV right now. A account safu with Sparklight, so doing lots of other things like reading online, since that, and writing are the only things online with CenturyLink’s REAL SLOW bandwidth, it’s not speed all though for things Interweb I feel the need for speed, but since it ain’t oh well. The dorks in the bean counting sales department of CenturyLink, as well as engineering departments can’t get it together to get me the horsepower as of yet, so we can go doing radio. FYI, can’t do that since Marci and Erik Johnson of Twin Falls who held the clubs radio gear in ransome which is completely against the law. The law says its a civil matter not yet a criminal matter. Which I’m firing back with a law suit, of $12k…

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More Time in the Cockpit, and studio, less time in the truck Cab,and on Facebook

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So I finally climbed out of, and away from Facebook. As a result, not feeling any pain, and no big need to refyre that mess at all. What I need to suck wind of a bunch of tree hugging nerds and nerd-ettes? I do not think so. Geeky shit is no longer if it ever was any great hunger of myself. Don’t think I’m Liberal, but I’m not totally Conservative either. Kind of a middle of the asle and as such am a more rebel leaning, set my own path , yes anarchy way rather than sucking farts of a mindset that has expired long time ago but few that are willing to take a look and soak in the moisture it renders. So thern the next bit is one that has been heavy on my mind, and it seems that its exactly where I was in late 2013. Look…

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WolfHead Diary

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Before we get in gear here, Let’s talk of again Yankkee stupid. Forrest Gump had it as Stupid IS as Stupid DOES, thing is there are some types of companies especially Telecom’s and medical types that have people that should or would be better off in the fast food, or housekeeping industries. Not a radio station, towing service and certainly NOT a air med/SAR company such as ours. This is not the first time that I have rubbed up against idiocy, in a large firm. The USMC left off Mechanics, on the tail of Aviation. Which meant of spinning wrenches on helicopters and interceptor jets, I was in Pensacola Florida taking flying instruction. That one I am proud to say I thank the powers that be includin Chesty, for. Then we move to medical things. Monday night was in a online version of Chess Titan’s. I was winning against…

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