This day started off and ends crappy.

KTOW FM 105.7

This day started off like a stinky bum in the face. First sweet PoohBear calls me at 04:30 hours, with some self generated crisis. With that tabled , I sawed back off to slumber, then as I was just getting into gear here, Marci from over in Twin Falls texts me saying they are throwing all my stuff out. Really? $20k of radio gear getting tossed, all because the inability to gather a crew and place to put it. But with that figured out and finally a shop to put it in, I began to relax a bit. Then getting so damn need for feed, yet with as hot as it is out, and me not able to go out in it, I stayed in the AC in both the truck and the Raven, doing auriel application of farm chemicals. 

So then found out, that the money PoohBear sent of…

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