Resistance may be futile, But I do my damn best to be an individule and original. I will not be assimilated.

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facefartIn the mysterious realm of Facebook, what you seldom see, is any real self original individule creativity. Its copy from one website to facebook. Or a FB page and/or group. Few use a editor to create their own headers, pictographs , or for that matter their own photos or posts. The many porn or near porn offerings are so copied and attempted duplications, that it boggles the mind. However its not just FB. Television is about just the same. It does not matter the venue. Cable, Broadcast over the air, or for that matter satellite. Networks buy other networks and become conglomerates. With little in the view of any kind of independence. They all program the same dang stuff. One gets a hit with one show, so the rest follow in step. BBC-America, leaves out one segment of the Star Trek genere. Deep Space Nine(9). They have the rest of…

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