At least I have enuff left over for soup and Grilled Cheese.

KTOW FM 105.7

So here it is Friday TGIF, party hardy right? Cept, me after paying shop rent , apartment rent, and fueling the rigs, I have a whopping $30.00 left over. Which feeds me for the month. See when I moved here to Burley, the EBT card got plucked real good to a grand of $50.00 ain’t that nice of them. Now there are those who ask, why if he’s that short on green for his jeans why is he recruiting honeys for money to pitch the message of the shop and radio gig? Simple; really these honeys go on the TV and tell folks just how damn good we and I am. Then more folks buy product or service from me and/or the Knytes and shazzam, we make more money, then I can buy more than one bowl of soup so-to-speak. The recruiting honeys for money is not to get laid…

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Radio Media Broadcaster Farm Aviation pilot Tow truck company owner/operator

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