Bow wow wow yippee yaa It’s a wet and soggy day.

KTOW FM 105.7

WolfPack JournalSo woke up at 05:00 with the dripping of Heavenly water coming down outside. So called Douggy and he says no flying today with the cloud cover and all so you got your day off. So, snagged a lemon fruit pie out of the fridgideezer and some moo juice, then went back to sleep. Had nothing or anyone else to do today, so said piss on it piss on itclimbed back in bed, and continued my slumbering, envisioning Alex, and two of her hot friends, on a ski mountain. Then came the chimes of ye ole compooter. For some odd reason the blooming thing comes on by itself around 03:00 and goes off , unless I boot it up, at 05:00. Must be Col. Boyington from the other realm using the compooter. I swear he channels through me. The Top warrior of the sky ain’t done yet. Then caught a glimpse of…

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