If Saturday is the REAL day of rest, why is it that I have projects to do on Saturday?

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Pappy's Journal1While most religious entities consider Sunday the day of rest, It was related to me once that Saturday is the day of rest, as in the word Saturday or sitting day or the past participle of the verb to sit is Sat, hence Saturday. Yet, if the situation rears its fugdugly head each week, I’m roped into doing something other than rest. Its either moving my stuff once again, or batteling some extreme crisis of a member of the Knyte and/or the WolfPack, or going towing. On going towing, don’t mind doing that since when I’m going towing its putting green in my jeans. I want one dang weekend, where I can climb in the Lady my ladyand take a carefree casual easy flyte to the coast, have dinner in Bev, Hills and come home. Nope its Colonel do this, Colonel do that. Bullsbreath, I’m getting old, tired and more grumpy…

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