WhooRay for Delbert C Dickweed and Morter Masnerd. (And) Many copies only one original and that’s us.

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AYREWOLFBLOGHEADERI have said once and I’ll say it again, if your looking to get screwed over good, find yourself at a LDS Church, bend over, lube up real good and get it in the six. First for Delbert C Dickweed. Who we rented a shop from. Supposed to be an ex sailor. Really? Says rent on the joint was $650.00 yet once he found it was the WolfPack renting it, he decides to jack the rent to $800.00, and at that we have to foot the power bill. So he got his key back and he can suck wind. But hey there’s more: Our Priesthood President here of a Ward I’m soon going to get out of, as this Ward reminds me of the Wendell Idaho Ward I was in , and outside of a small few was about as friendly as a black widow towards a fruit fly. maxresdefault

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