Have you ever just sat and pondered?

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Have you ever just sat on a stool chewing your cud, and just pondered? Like; these online dating, matchmaking sites ya’ll see advertised on overnight and retro tv networks, there are all those hotties on there saying their all alone , Bullsbreath. If they’re all alone and look that good, their either a real bytch, or high maintience , or both. Or that on most TV shows, it seldom shows the stars having to go drain the main vein. Nobody on the starship Enterprise, ever has to go poop or pee. Why? And does the Enterprise have humungious holding tanks? Or when women twist up their hair in a bun, does that hurt and give em a headache? Or that on FakeBook, that it’s the most fugdugly women, who never post a profile photo, that really is them? Have you ever been in the latrine watching your better half apply…

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Radio Media Broadcaster Farm Aviation pilot Tow truck company owner/operator

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