The Sun goes Down, the sirens scream, its overnight with the Wolvez.

KTOW FM 105.7

wolfpack colonels journal iconSo went to bed at 19:00 Hours, since nothing was on TV, and had nothing to do until 09:00 this morning. After calming PoohBear from one of her emotional spasms. Then got noise of one of our own passing away, so making arrangements to head for Redding CA in the morning for that. It’s estimated that we are loosing men and Veterans of both great wars at a rate of nearly 2 per week. It might be more than that. So both the Knytes and WolfPack are doing a ride to the funeral which will happen at 18:00 Wednesday. So gave Marci a text, she understood, and its radio gear rescue Saturday at 11:00 hours. So then settled back down and kept seeing visions of one of my new neighbors in my head. I’m sorry. Yes I’m 110% devoted to PoohBear, but this gal whom looks way to classy and…

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