After Dark 3

KTOW FM 105.7

Dang it I not only want, but need my Cheerios. Melody , ate the last bowl, in the box before she headed off to work, so now I gotta wait until 07:00 to go fetch some from the store. Melody came into my picture strictly by coincidence. She’s seeing some Taco next door here, yet, when there’s a shoulder to cry on, guess whose she comes to? What is cool about Melody is she likes everything I like. I can talk to her about anything, and not feel strange bringing up topics that would normally would be reserved for a pilots ready room. I can flirt with her and she flirts back. She knows how to drive, ya’ll ought to see her Camaro , she plays the Chello, she sings and is into both journalism, broadcasting and Webcasting. She also is into recording music. Now normally , because of PoohBear…

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Published by AyreWolf

Radio Media Broadcaster Farm Aviation pilot Tow truck company owner/operator

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