Having a bad hair day, and its only Tuesday.

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cropped-head-shot1.jpgHighways and Coffee Cups

Just shut up, I’m having a bad hair day. Although I don’t have much snow and protein filliments on my head the hair is growing out from both sides. bad hair day 2My dad used to use this stuff > vo 5 It kept his hair in check. No one on Earth that I know of was such a perfectionist when it came to his appearence , dad would comb, brush, snip and clip. May be it’d work for me, as soon as I catch some $’s from Uncle Charlie, I’m going to buy some. I didn’t do much Tuesday. Shortly around 13:00 I got so damn dizzy I couldn’t hardly stand up, or walk much, and my vision, was very blurry. So I downed some peaches from a can and some moo-juice, and I was okay, but as tired as I was in overhauling a Deere-Detroit for a 9800 JD Track Tractor, over the…

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