It don’t help to pout, just do it right the first time.

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Have you ever , clicked on a link for audio or a video on say Facebook? 80% of the time, the link don’t work, or the website you are funneled off to has been taken down or expired. My question is why. Here at WolfPackFM, and the rest of our shows on KTOW, can be found easily at: , that link works. As well as all of our links to the vast expanse of what is now called the Interweb. Now for a lot of us older timers, finding out how to do something with or online is a brain ache for sure, but just like when they came out with child proof caps for medicines, want it done? Go find a kid, or at least a tween. It’s just a thing that bothered me. Tried earlier to tap a vid on FB and found the blooming thing didn’t…

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