It’s time for us to seriously Kick some Ass!

KTOW FM 105.7

lets kick ass1Ok the bullstuff stops. for nearly what now? 9 months we have had our streaming radio operation off the air. If we can’t get what we need here, maybe its time to look elsewhere and sniff a few new places. In short it’s time for us to kick some ass. I talked to my associate Big C at A1, yesterday, and he agreed to shorten my on tow duty time there, so I could devote more time in erecting this super station. I have spent most of my day, today talking to support teams that aid us Webcasters and I think we are seeing that light at the end of a long tunnel. Now, then, T.J. Moved out, don’t know if she dumped the dude she was with, or what, but her not being here has me concerned. There is of course Alex Alexwho said she’s fully on board, then…

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