Morning from the Wolf’s Den, Way of the Wolf, Part-2

KTOW FM 105.7

Page-1- Morning to ya’ll, its an early morning here. Well; early as a Wolf Werewolf2can be. So teat was just about bed time, Doctor kicks me from the hospital, since the CaT scanner was down until Wednesday, so with Goody’s 900in hand I came home. As I pull in, grab some stew, and was sitting on the porch, and still a bit steamy under my choke chain about, not seeing TJ for a few days, when; Miraculously TJ calls, saying could she come over. Several texts later, and she tells me her Taco bandido’s car puked. So I tell her as any Wolf brother would, time to get rid of the ball and chain that’s dragging her down and step up to a true, loyal Wolf. Did not hear nothing from her after that, so took a shower, watched Chicago PD(hey I adore the blonde detective on there) and went…

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Radio Media Broadcaster Farm Aviation pilot Tow truck company owner/operator

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