A full moon and a Saturday night the Wolvez Howl.

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I truly hate drunks. Since I completely quit drinking, and being addicted to booze, and brew, the smell of that shyt, just makes me ill. Sure everyone has a crutch, something they use to relieve the tensions of life. I have 3. Driving LexiBelle >LexiBelle Wynged 2 < riding my bike CooTers Hogg or flying the Lady > 3aeb592f011b857af5edc1fdd4be06c3 < but not everyone else is this blessed , however all of us can find peace in just one LDS-JTC-5X7Jesus Christ. If we seek him, our pain will vanish and our heart WILL heel. Albeit slow and at HIS pace. I do not need outside chemicals to give me a jump  in my step, nor to unload my mind. Sure I have my Skoal, and the meds that Doctor Crabtree gives me, outside of that, if you have faith and trust in him, what’s to worry about? I myself used to be a worry wart. Everything…

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