Things I love, and things I’d rather do without.

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Heres lookin at yaOkay so impatiently waited for the premier of Mayans MC 01a4dac953eb3dab2f60f6793606b30eon FX. In reality the new season, just does not match the hype, at least yet. For a show that’s supposed to be about a albeit Mexican, but about a MC, there twern’t no or hardly and Harley’s or any bikes. No passionate love scenes, not of the quality of Son’s SOA Blood Patchfrom which Mayan’s came from. Although I did perk up, and it is a fact that Sutter is eye balling the idea of a redoux of Son’s. In the form of a series called the First-9 essentially a series showing the formation of SAMCRO. The reason I say that, there was one scene, albeit breef,that showed two SAMCRO members out with good ole Chucky, exchanging guns. The quotation from Chucky, came from the line, that JAX , said no more muling guns. Of course the Knytes, already know the…

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