Let’s Talk, no, lets howl about Wolves and Wolvez.

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Okay; this BS has got to stop. Was scanning this post on FB where everything for the most part is a fib, and there was a Puma at this peoples home near Tremountain Utah. If however there were wolves near by , there wouldn’t be pumas. I’m one of those odd human WereWolvez that like strange things. Reminds me of a cross between somebody on the OLD Adam’s Family and the Munsters. I like tiny little flies. They really don’t hurt anything. Yes they can be a pest sometimes, but overall they can be interesting to just sit and watch. 220px-Musca_domestica_mating_(cropped) With that said, lets howl Scarlet Howl Script about our 4 legged counterparts. First, a Wolf while of the canine species, is not anything compared to a dog. A wolf is much more evolved and much more intelligent, than any mut. I became fascinated with wolves in 1999. A group of us went…

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