Talk about Lazy and dishonest, Welcome to Burley, Idaho.

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America is Lazy, and fat. Social programs, from Social Security to welfare programs are abused heavily. Some done not of choice, but out of survival. That said; I have never, ever, been in a place, that is more lazy, and more dishonest, than Burley, Idaho. Days like today, make me think , I should have stayed in Twin Falls. Any mile, the amount of dishonesty, is so deep, it rivals oceans. Here is where you’ll find ladies who look so divine, you’d think their poop don’t stink, who drive newer model Camaros and who tell you, sure I would like to work with you. So you show kindness, yet when you call their bluff, they do not return phone calls, Facebook postings, or even emails. Same goes for Real Estate agencies. I know two that have dropped the ball at the 10 yard line. Both say, sure we’ll rent to…

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