Some days you just want to give the finger to facebook, and market the old fashion way. Locally.

KTOW FM 105.7

It’s a gloomy morning here in Hazzard. The loss of Uncle Charlie, hasn’t felt fully by all, but enough of us have started to feel that loss. But, Uncle Charlie would say if he were here, Get tough and get to work. So I begin doing just that. So in the interest of a pre launch of things HazzardAyre Radio, a HazzardAyre The Movie has been ordered by the powers that be. So being as TJ flew the coop, to Colorado, and few local availables as far as talent, we thought hey lets do up a full fledged event. To see if there were anything worth fishing for, I put or tried to put up something ON our FB Page, for an open call at the Burley Idaho Mall. Invite agencies, as well as locals that think their curls swirl, and their nylons wont run to show us their best…

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