Its the Afternoon After, Welcome to The HazzardAyre Journal, Take 2

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It’s Tuesday, the Afternoon, After. TJ Pretty much has pushed me aside. Guess the reference of her doing the Casll Girl thing wasn’t appreciated. Thing is; it wasn’t specificaly about her. The article in question, could and was a generalality for all us male corpucsles to know if that sweet thing that’s giving you a wink, is really interested in you, or The green in your jeans. One of the things that I appreciate at the brothels in Wells, Nevada that I frequent, is that YOU KNOW going in that your going to shell out some cash from your stash, to get laid. You just know, that the darling, spreads for bread. Even if you buy that $30.00 bottle of whatever beverage and visit at the bar, you know if you go to the boodwah, that its cash up front to get horizontal. It’s no tease, like out here in…

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