My day starts at 04:00, and doesn’t end until 18:00.

KTOW FM 105.7

My day starts at 04:00 that’s 4-AM for you none military folks out there, and doesn’t end until 6-PM or 18:00 for all us Confederate Marines, here. I start doing PT(physical training) at 06:00, to 07:00 , then while eating some sort of breakfast, and start in creating graphics for this none military publication, for those in and of military, mainly Marines and Naval aviation. Then its out to the hangar, dress down the aircraft for the days work, then out to the rod shop, and get that crew operating, then when its running, do the radio gig. If I’m really lucky, I get lunch, maybe dinner, then a few minutes of me time, including TV, then back at it until midnight. The 18:00 is when I do my me time. Getting it all done on time EVERY day, and still have time to fly, is a real challenge, but…

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