It’s not all coffee and maple bars. And me buying leggings to stay warm.

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mY what a game. BSU, kicking ass, I mean all over the opponent. It was such a tight game, that even if you wanted to leave it for a few minutes or seconds, you didn’t dare. BSU caught its wind, somewhere in the late 2nd to early 3rd quarter. It was all but counting the chicks. So with that, and being pissed at the whole damn area of Burley, that I hit the bed, closed my eyes and died until just after 07:00 this morning. Its times like this; that two and a half years ago, that I broke up with PoohBear, that the promise was, if she missed paying her dies money to the club, we were done. See if I had stayed put in Evanston, Wyoming, although not a shangrila, but still, my rent was subsidized , I had LexiBelle, Mini , and that Stratus. I had the…

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