Okay so I love tiny little flies, and introducing the Fly Girls Project.

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UntitledOkay I’m strange, I’ll admit that. And perhaps its even more strange that I’m into a small mammal they are not insects, but a very tiny mammal just trying to survive, when all odds are against it. Same thing I feel, and am feeling here lately , That’s the other half of the Wolf tag that was placed on me. Waylon Jennings sang a song called, ” Will the Wolf Survive?” I feel my own survival is at a critical point. What both the Knytes were, as well as the WolfPack, we may never truly get back to. However we rather I keep fighting for our organizations as I know what we can do, and what few others can do. It just might take another change in environment to get there. Both ayre as well as going toewing. We did better in Wyoming, than we ever have done here in…

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