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Before we get in gear here, Let’s talk of again Yankkee stupid. Forrest Gump had it as Stupid IS as Stupid DOES, thing is there are some types of companies especially Telecom’s and medical types that have people that should or would be better off in the fast food, or housekeeping industries. Not a radio station, towing service and certainly NOT a air med/SAR company such as ours. This is not the first time that I have rubbed up against idiocy, in a large firm. The USMC left off Mechanics, on the tail of Aviation. Which meant of spinning wrenches on helicopters and interceptor jets, I was in Pensacola Florida taking flying instruction. That one I am proud to say I thank the powers that be includin Chesty, for. Then we move to medical things. Monday night was in a online version of Chess Titan’s. I was winning against…

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