More Time in the Cockpit, and studio, less time in the truck Cab,and on Facebook

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So I finally climbed out of, and away from Facebook. As a result, not feeling any pain, and no big need to refyre that mess at all. What I need to suck wind of a bunch of tree hugging nerds and nerd-ettes? I do not think so. Geeky shit is no longer if it ever was any great hunger of myself. Don’t think I’m Liberal, but I’m not totally Conservative either. Kind of a middle of the asle and as such am a more rebel leaning, set my own path , yes anarchy way rather than sucking farts of a mindset that has expired long time ago but few that are willing to take a look and soak in the moisture it renders. So thern the next bit is one that has been heavy on my mind, and it seems that its exactly where I was in late 2013. Look…

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Radio Media Broadcaster Farm Aviation pilot Tow truck company owner/operator

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