KnyteWolf Chronicles part 4

KTOW FM 105.7

GOOD SATURDAY MORNINGGood Saturday morning, at least I think its morning. Finding mornings a real gas burner, since have no TV right now. A account safu with Sparklight, so doing lots of other things like reading online, since that, and writing are the only things online with CenturyLink’s REAL SLOW bandwidth, it’s not speed all though for things Interweb I feel the need for speed, but since it ain’t oh well. The dorks in the bean counting sales department of CenturyLink, as well as engineering departments can’t get it together to get me the horsepower as of yet, so we can go doing radio. FYI, can’t do that since Marci and Erik Johnson of Twin Falls who held the clubs radio gear in ransome which is completely against the law. The law says its a civil matter not yet a criminal matter. Which I’m firing back with a law suit, of $12k…

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