KnyteWolf Chronicles Part 5 , just once.

KTOW FM 105.7

Good morning yaw’ll, it’s a Sunday Morning, that albeit yaw’ll see your breath vapor in the air, it’s a bit warmer this morning.

Last night had a stranger than strange situation, walked into the Twin Falls Idaho, unit of Dennys. When I did, there was this set of sweet cheeks doing the wait person gig, that I swore that it was my ray of sunshine Alex. But alas not, but dang she looked like they was twins in Twin. So ate and as I did, and while I don’t recommend this to anyone , as the recoil can be really kaddywampus, but this local fuzz was following me with his high beams on, and those are the LED type high beams. So I pulled into a parking lot, as he went by, I got on his 6. Pulled him over and wrote the prick for three things, failure to reduce…

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