But you just know somebody knows.

But you just know, somebody knows. But they ain’t telling you. On the many Sparklight Advertising promo ads they run, there’s this honey of a lovely blonde being twirled as she admires the new engagement ring, her guy pal just gave her. The likelyhood that she is getting hitched, to this imbasul, is beyond imagination, but she sure looks good. So with much and still continuing hunting, I wanna know who this flower that just needs to be plucked from the Garden is. They say they have no idea who she is, but by law there has to be a record in case there’s a legal challenge. Somebody in production, or the direction to the producing company knows, but they ain’t letting a media firm owned by and produced for a Motorcycle Club,(hence the initials-M C) So how do you find out this information? Can you imagine her on one of our two wheeled creations on a TV ad? Onto other things. The WolfPack said good bye to CenturyLink this morning. Their dinking around cost us just under $750k, in lost ad generation income revenue. Not that I’m a big fan of Sparklight, but seems as though that changeover in company opened up the door for us. I’m getting full 1 gig service. You’d think that if CenturyLink is going to stay in the ball game, you’d think they’d start coming up with better game plans. Currently their on field and/or techs are not in tune with who is in the coaching box. There needs to be a better way for them to stay afloat. Watch CenturyLink get absorbed by some mammoth bigger company. LG3 is looking at divorcing them as well. Baby Bells, have not fended well since the mass A.T.&.T break up years ago, and that extension is showing. It’s like it was said by the Ace once, It’s not what you know, but who you know and who you blow, that counts in business.

More howling overnight.

If your watching or have watched, The Depot Grill of Twin Falls, Idaho is having its 101st anniversary. As such they rolled back their prices to another era. I never ordered the super discounted specials, but am very impressed by Courtney. Details later this evening.

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