A young voice that just could not be ignored.

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So got up early and went to Church as usual. Mostly with the intent of grilling a Church member that failed to carry out his promise to me. What I found however is the anger leave me as I entered the Chapel. Once I got in and sat down the usual dribble, went on. Then these two just out of Primary kids got up to sing. Kinda of a pre Thanksgiving treat. One of the young girls was so off key, and really could not carry a tune. Must’ve had a slight case of tone deafness. The other, a rather cute little blonde wearing a set of rather tall black heels,(the girl is about 11 maybe 12) started singing, and her tiny body was putting out a voice that carried. Clear, in tune, on tempo, reminded me of that little Angelica Hale, that was on America’s Got Talent in 2015…

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