Why do I get all these friend suggestions on FB?

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wolf of Hazzard County 2Cooters Comments long form

Why the heck do I get all these friend suggestions on FB? Don’t anyone who even invites or accepts a friend request read a person’s profile and see that a person is involved (in my case very involved) with someone else? I like being friends with folks of both genders, guys sometimes, women most of the time. The Women, I befriend in hopes of hiring them for the media werx around here. The guys only if they ride, fly or tow. Anyone else, I just wont. Even still does anyone even read anything anymore? Most youth can’t even read. Only if its on their phone, and even then it’s a best guess for most of them? I seldom get a friend invite from Church members, although, I see them on Sunday, (story on that in a few clicks) but during the week you or rather I don’t hear, see, or…

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