Its the Afternoon After, Welcome to The HazzardAyre Journal, Take 2

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It’s Tuesday, the Afternoon, After. TJ Pretty much has pushed me aside. Guess the reference of her doing the Casll Girl thing wasn’t appreciated. Thing is; it wasn’t specificaly about her. The article in question, could and was a generalality for all us male corpucsles to know if that sweet thing that’s giving you a wink, is really interested in you, or The green in your jeans. One of the things that I appreciate at the brothels in Wells, Nevada that I frequent, is that YOU KNOW going in that your going to shell out some cash from your stash, to get laid. You just know, that the darling, spreads for bread. Even if you buy that $30.00 bottle of whatever beverage and visit at the bar, you know if you go to the boodwah, that its cash up front to get horizontal. It’s no tease, like out here in…

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Some days you just want to give the finger to facebook, and market the old fashion way. Locally.

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It’s a gloomy morning here in Hazzard. The loss of Uncle Charlie, hasn’t felt fully by all, but enough of us have started to feel that loss. But, Uncle Charlie would say if he were here, Get tough and get to work. So I begin doing just that. So in the interest of a pre launch of things HazzardAyre Radio, a HazzardAyre The Movie has been ordered by the powers that be. So being as TJ flew the coop, to Colorado, and few local availables as far as talent, we thought hey lets do up a full fledged event. To see if there were anything worth fishing for, I put or tried to put up something ON our FB Page, for an open call at the Burley Idaho Mall. Invite agencies, as well as locals that think their curls swirl, and their nylons wont run to show us their best…

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Talk about Lazy and dishonest, Welcome to Burley, Idaho.

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America is Lazy, and fat. Social programs, from Social Security to welfare programs are abused heavily. Some done not of choice, but out of survival. That said; I have never, ever, been in a place, that is more lazy, and more dishonest, than Burley, Idaho. Days like today, make me think , I should have stayed in Twin Falls. Any mile, the amount of dishonesty, is so deep, it rivals oceans. Here is where you’ll find ladies who look so divine, you’d think their poop don’t stink, who drive newer model Camaros and who tell you, sure I would like to work with you. So you show kindness, yet when you call their bluff, they do not return phone calls, Facebook postings, or even emails. Same goes for Real Estate agencies. I know two that have dropped the ball at the 10 yard line. Both say, sure we’ll rent to…

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Let’s Talk, no, lets howl about Wolves and Wolvez.

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Okay; this BS has got to stop. Was scanning this post on FB where everything for the most part is a fib, and there was a Puma at this peoples home near Tremountain Utah. If however there were wolves near by , there wouldn’t be pumas. I’m one of those odd human WereWolvez that like strange things. Reminds me of a cross between somebody on the OLD Adam’s Family and the Munsters. I like tiny little flies. They really don’t hurt anything. Yes they can be a pest sometimes, but overall they can be interesting to just sit and watch. 220px-Musca_domestica_mating_(cropped) With that said, lets howl Scarlet Howl Script about our 4 legged counterparts. First, a Wolf while of the canine species, is not anything compared to a dog. A wolf is much more evolved and much more intelligent, than any mut. I became fascinated with wolves in 1999. A group of us went…

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Things I love, and things I’d rather do without.

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Heres lookin at yaOkay so impatiently waited for the premier of Mayans MC 01a4dac953eb3dab2f60f6793606b30eon FX. In reality the new season, just does not match the hype, at least yet. For a show that’s supposed to be about a albeit Mexican, but about a MC, there twern’t no or hardly and Harley’s or any bikes. No passionate love scenes, not of the quality of Son’s SOA Blood Patchfrom which Mayan’s came from. Although I did perk up, and it is a fact that Sutter is eye balling the idea of a redoux of Son’s. In the form of a series called the First-9 essentially a series showing the formation of SAMCRO. The reason I say that, there was one scene, albeit breef,that showed two SAMCRO members out with good ole Chucky, exchanging guns. The quotation from Chucky, came from the line, that JAX , said no more muling guns. Of course the Knytes, already know the…

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A full moon and a Saturday night the Wolvez Howl.

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Hazzard County Gazzette2WolfPack Journal

I truly hate drunks. Since I completely quit drinking, and being addicted to booze, and brew, the smell of that shyt, just makes me ill. Sure everyone has a crutch, something they use to relieve the tensions of life. I have 3. Driving LexiBelle >LexiBelle Wynged 2 < riding my bike CooTers Hogg or flying the Lady > 3aeb592f011b857af5edc1fdd4be06c3 < but not everyone else is this blessed , however all of us can find peace in just one LDS-JTC-5X7Jesus Christ. If we seek him, our pain will vanish and our heart WILL heel. Albeit slow and at HIS pace. I do not need outside chemicals to give me a jump  in my step, nor to unload my mind. Sure I have my Skoal, and the meds that Doctor Crabtree gives me, outside of that, if you have faith and trust in him, what’s to worry about? I myself used to be a worry wart. Everything…

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Morning from the Wolf’s Den, Way of the Wolf, Part-2

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Page-1- Morning to ya’ll, its an early morning here. Well; early as a Wolf Werewolf2can be. So teat was just about bed time, Doctor kicks me from the hospital, since the CaT scanner was down until Wednesday, so with Goody’s 900in hand I came home. As I pull in, grab some stew, and was sitting on the porch, and still a bit steamy under my choke chain about, not seeing TJ for a few days, when; Miraculously TJ calls, saying could she come over. Several texts later, and she tells me her Taco bandido’s car puked. So I tell her as any Wolf brother would, time to get rid of the ball and chain that’s dragging her down and step up to a true, loyal Wolf. Did not hear nothing from her after that, so took a shower, watched Chicago PD(hey I adore the blonde detective on there) and went…

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Way of The Wolf , Part 1

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Hold on Gotta pee first.Hold on gotta pee

Page-1-Dang this has been a very long day. Woke up at 11:00 hours, to the sounds of a jackhammer outside my walls. Apparently somebody stuck too much asswipe down the toilet and plugged up the sewage drain. But they got that fixed, so am okay to hit the latrine. Didn’t hear at all from  TJ all day today which makes me scratch my crainium and ask,wuzz up with thatSo went out to search 20264626_10155709180669274_5424025546140260412_nfor her, without any results. So went unconscience. for a bit,  one of the WolfPack stopped in, saw what had happened, and ran me to the hospital in Twin on one of our byrds. Got there, Doctor said CaT scan, so in the can I went. Since they couldn’t see anything, they have me overnight, to do tests, in the AM. I love this hospital, I have a chosen crew of medical assistants, that…

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Welcome To Hazzard County Part 2, this weekend, and; Ever wonder why Utah has an active Film Commission and Idaho doesn’t?

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Morning my fellow WolfPack members. Still haven’t heard diddly from, TJ, maybe that was or is another talent mirage like all too many here in Idaho. For some reason, the void between the Minidoka/Cassia County line and the Elmore/Ada County Line is growing ever wider. With that the immediate area, is absent willing media talent of all kinds. From simple models, to full ability actress’s/actors. It just don’t exist here. The few that do are few and far between. Which flows into the crap or get off the pot ultimatum that I sent TJ this morning. If she wants to jump in our pond fine, get at it. If not, stay on the shore where its safe. It also relates to my main topic. And an extension of prior happenings, that caused the exit from Idaho in 2013. Same thing, different day and time then as now. Busted my ass…

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It’s time for us to seriously Kick some Ass!

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lets kick ass1Ok the bullstuff stops. for nearly what now? 9 months we have had our streaming radio operation off the air. If we can’t get what we need here, maybe its time to look elsewhere and sniff a few new places. In short it’s time for us to kick some ass. I talked to my associate Big C at A1, yesterday, and he agreed to shorten my on tow duty time there, so I could devote more time in erecting this super station. I have spent most of my day, today talking to support teams that aid us Webcasters and I think we are seeing that light at the end of a long tunnel. Now, then, T.J. Moved out, don’t know if she dumped the dude she was with, or what, but her not being here has me concerned. There is of course Alex Alexwho said she’s fully on board, then…

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