When your in pursuit of one so grand, but you look like you’ve been trashed, can you succeed? Or bleed?

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She blew in from a star from beyond. Ice Queenice queen 3 with her beauty, captivated my mind. Yet I never conceived the idea that IQ could belong to such another beauty. With two other residences, and all, I couldn’t understand(still can’t) why the hell she’s living here. But how I figure can I pursue on both a vocational occupational level combined with an MC Sisterhood level one that looks like this >tilisha2  when you wake up and look like this>bhd4< can you gain your objective? What I really groove on with TJ is that she is so unjudgemental. More accepting of alien beings both of Earth as well as in the night , gives me a bit of confidence that says, according to astronomical thearists , who say. Yes it is possible. Last night, I knew that she was in trouble, and although I really want to jump in…

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It don’t help to pout, just do it right the first time.

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Have you ever , clicked on a link for audio or a video on say Facebook? 80% of the time, the link don’t work, or the website you are funneled off to has been taken down or expired. My question is why. Here at WolfPackFM, and the rest of our shows on KTOW, can be found easily at: http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf , that link works. As well as all of our links to the vast expanse of what is now called the Interweb. Now for a lot of us older timers, finding out how to do something with or online is a brain ache for sure, but just like when they came out with child proof caps for medicines, want it done? Go find a kid, or at least a tween. It’s just a thing that bothered me. Tried earlier to tap a vid on FB and found the blooming thing didn’t…

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Having a bad hair day, and its only Tuesday.

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cropped-head-shot1.jpgHighways and Coffee Cups

Just shut up, I’m having a bad hair day. Although I don’t have much snow and protein filliments on my head the hair is growing out from both sides. bad hair day 2My dad used to use this stuff > vo 5 It kept his hair in check. No one on Earth that I know of was such a perfectionist when it came to his appearence , dad would comb, brush, snip and clip. May be it’d work for me, as soon as I catch some $’s from Uncle Charlie, I’m going to buy some. I didn’t do much Tuesday. Shortly around 13:00 I got so damn dizzy I couldn’t hardly stand up, or walk much, and my vision, was very blurry. So I downed some peaches from a can and some moo-juice, and I was okay, but as tired as I was in overhauling a Deere-Detroit for a 9800 JD Track Tractor, over the…

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Can Somebody tell me what good is LinkedIn? Or making a connection on LinkedIn is supposed to do for You?

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Can someone tell me or show me what real good having an account, or for that matter giving up money to LinkedIN is good for? Last night, I saw a contact invite from some seatcover in Boise somewhere, wanting me to add her to my contacts. My question is why? It ain’t been too long ago that LinkedIn sent me a free trial of their Premium Service. What the hell would I cough up $600.00 a year to LinkedIn for? I have yet to see any of those so called contacts, on LinkedIN logocall me on the phone, or email me wanting to buy ad time on the radio network, or request a bid to fly a field , or even request a tow. My thing is simply; if your really going to contact me on social or business social media, show me the money YOUR going to spend with me…

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After Dark 3

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Dang it I not only want, but need my Cheerios. Melody , ate the last bowl, in the box before she headed off to work, so now I gotta wait until 07:00 to go fetch some from the store. Melody came into my picture strictly by coincidence. She’s seeing some Taco next door here, yet, when there’s a shoulder to cry on, guess whose she comes to? What is cool about Melody is she likes everything I like. I can talk to her about anything, and not feel strange bringing up topics that would normally would be reserved for a pilots ready room. I can flirt with her and she flirts back. She knows how to drive, ya’ll ought to see her Camaro , she plays the Chello, she sings and is into both journalism, broadcasting and Webcasting. She also is into recording music. Now normally , because of PoohBear…

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What do you get when you combine Hazzard County, with HollyWood, you get the Hazzard County Knytes(Knights).

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What do you get when you combine >19274907_326383107818399_2874198152976891164_nwith 19105561_197990097391669_1530712917768907591_nyou just naturally get; CLUB MINI 1 and since 1982, what started with a bunch of wyld redneck gear heads in a small town in western Idaho of about 15 or so male corpuscles, has turned into a unstoppable force that has 7 subsidiaries, and as of last organization census, 1,million members. And we keep growing. From the WolfPack to the Deere Dazzlerz, the Knytes , pronounced as KNIGHTS. Is a one of a kind and since its inception, I have been happy to call Hazzard my home. I’m not about to give it up with a fight. 

Last night, I had a wonderful conversation with a new move in next door here at the Evergreen. Yes its the gal in the White , red striped Camaro, and she just might be one that can help our Club bring its crap together. I told…

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Have you ever just sat and pondered?

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Have you ever just sat on a stool chewing your cud, and just pondered? Like; these online dating, matchmaking sites ya’ll see advertised on overnight and retro tv networks, there are all those hotties on there saying their all alone , Bullsbreath. If they’re all alone and look that good, their either a real bytch, or high maintience , or both. Or that on most TV shows, it seldom shows the stars having to go drain the main vein. Nobody on the starship Enterprise, ever has to go poop or pee. Why? And does the Enterprise have humungious holding tanks? Or when women twist up their hair in a bun, does that hurt and give em a headache? Or that on FakeBook, that it’s the most fugdugly women, who never post a profile photo, that really is them? Have you ever been in the latrine watching your better half apply…

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The Sun goes Down, the sirens scream, its overnight with the Wolvez.

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wolfpack colonels journal iconSo went to bed at 19:00 Hours, since nothing was on TV, and had nothing to do until 09:00 this morning. After calming PoohBear from one of her emotional spasms. Then got noise of one of our own passing away, so making arrangements to head for Redding CA in the morning for that. It’s estimated that we are loosing men and Veterans of both great wars at a rate of nearly 2 per week. It might be more than that. So both the Knytes and WolfPack are doing a ride to the funeral which will happen at 18:00 Wednesday. So gave Marci a text, she understood, and its radio gear rescue Saturday at 11:00 hours. So then settled back down and kept seeing visions of one of my new neighbors in my head. I’m sorry. Yes I’m 110% devoted to PoohBear, but this gal whom looks way to classy and…

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We thought we’d be up and on air by now being August, but we are now aiming towards November. Reason? Too many ButtHoles involved.

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We thought we’d be up and on the cyber air by now. It’s been 9 months since a signal broke loose from our studios, and I have no idea but it’s been a lot of money lost as well. Sure if I could have, I’d have stayed in Jerome, at the super sweet spot there, it’d be fine, but being evicted predicated by a temper tauntram of PoohBear’s in October last year and loss of a month’s rent money, we were given the boot. I had a spot picked out next to GoodFella’s in Twin Falls, for $500.00 but the real estate sales girl was more interested in getting kinky rather than doing business, so I ended up settling for a so called office, place to live, shop near Grandview in Twin Falls. Got to a point that by March with medical problems, couldn’t pay rent, so radio gear got…

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If Saturday is the REAL day of rest, why is it that I have projects to do on Saturday?

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Pappy's Journal1While most religious entities consider Sunday the day of rest, It was related to me once that Saturday is the day of rest, as in the word Saturday or sitting day or the past participle of the verb to sit is Sat, hence Saturday. Yet, if the situation rears its fugdugly head each week, I’m roped into doing something other than rest. Its either moving my stuff once again, or batteling some extreme crisis of a member of the Knyte and/or the WolfPack, or going towing. On going towing, don’t mind doing that since when I’m going towing its putting green in my jeans. I want one dang weekend, where I can climb in the Lady my ladyand take a carefree casual easy flyte to the coast, have dinner in Bev, Hills and come home. Nope its Colonel do this, Colonel do that. Bullsbreath, I’m getting old, tired and more grumpy…

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