WhooRay for Delbert C Dickweed and Morter Masnerd. (And) Many copies only one original and that’s us.

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AYREWOLFBLOGHEADERI have said once and I’ll say it again, if your looking to get screwed over good, find yourself at a LDS Church, bend over, lube up real good and get it in the six. First for Delbert C Dickweed. Who we rented a shop from. Supposed to be an ex sailor. Really? Says rent on the joint was $650.00 yet once he found it was the WolfPack renting it, he decides to jack the rent to $800.00, and at that we have to foot the power bill. So he got his key back and he can suck wind. But hey there’s more: Our Priesthood President here of a Ward I’m soon going to get out of, as this Ward reminds me of the Wendell Idaho Ward I was in , and outside of a small few was about as friendly as a black widow towards a fruit fly. maxresdefault

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At least I have enuff left over for soup and Grilled Cheese.

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So here it is Friday TGIF, party hardy right? Cept, me after paying shop rent , apartment rent, and fueling the rigs, I have a whopping $30.00 left over. Which feeds me for the month. See when I moved here to Burley, the EBT card got plucked real good to a grand of $50.00 ain’t that nice of them. Now there are those who ask, why if he’s that short on green for his jeans why is he recruiting honeys for money to pitch the message of the shop and radio gig? Simple; really these honeys go on the TV and tell folks just how damn good we and I am. Then more folks buy product or service from me and/or the Knytes and shazzam, we make more money, then I can buy more than one bowl of soup so-to-speak. The recruiting honeys for money is not to get laid…

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As the moon begins her sweep through its Knyte Flyte.

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As the moon makes her sweep across the cosmos and I start getting heavy eye lids, there are things that pass through my mind that I ponder as my body slows down and I enter slumber. Things like do house fliesm3330113 get emotionally attached to people? Seem to, after all , no matter where I go in the apartment here, the little critters follow. Do they experience pain? I mean when you squash em, do they physically feel it? When flies mate maxresdefaultis there some kind of courtship involved? Is there the emotion of love and or romance in that? Or do they just jump on hump, then jump off and fly away? Then there is the concept of that guy out in the locomotive that blasts that blooming horn. Does he really need to sound that trumpet that long or is he just trying to piss me off? Then…

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Bow wow wow yippee yaa It’s a wet and soggy day.

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WolfPack JournalSo woke up at 05:00 with the dripping of Heavenly water coming down outside. So called Douggy and he says no flying today with the cloud cover and all so you got your day off. So, snagged a lemon fruit pie out of the fridgideezer and some moo juice, then went back to sleep. Had nothing or anyone else to do today, so said piss on it piss on itclimbed back in bed, and continued my slumbering, envisioning Alex, and two of her hot friends, on a ski mountain. Then came the chimes of ye ole compooter. For some odd reason the blooming thing comes on by itself around 03:00 and goes off , unless I boot it up, at 05:00. Must be Col. Boyington from the other realm using the compooter. I swear he channels through me. The Top warrior of the sky ain’t done yet. Then caught a glimpse of…

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Here’s an idea, if ya’ll want to keep the Misquitos out, CLOSE the DANG DOOR!!

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So a few ago, PoohBear calls, all in tears over the fact her Mom passed away. A short spew from me , must’ve sounded uncaring. Not so, I care, but seriously what can I do about it? I resurrect aircraft not people. And second when someone ascends to Stovacore, one should not be sad. The sadness is part of our selfishness. We cry because that person is gone for us, not the person who passed on. To me, their pain has ended, their suffering has ceased, their agony is over. Now their spirit, and soul are free. I know when my Mom passed on, everyone was so sad for her and all. Why? In my thoughts I hardly shed a tear, the thing was ;Mom’s battle with COPD, with her aching back, her ailing heart, was done. I guess this is why I’m so firm in my faith, that I…

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I can dust a field in a 407, I can dowse fires in a 512, but hard as I try, I can’t get even one gal to enter the Wolf’s Den and sniff her toes in hose.

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I had a bit of an epifany tonight at dinner. For all the dang trying as of yet, here in Burley town there has not been even one applicant to do the ads for the WolfPack. The lady from Cable-One Advertising called asking if I had signed the ad order, and sent the money? Thing is, as of yet without at least one feminintile to grace the ads , if I have to hire talent from Utah, might as well contract with Comcast Advertising, have a indy producer shoot the thing, and be done with it. For some odd unknown reason, I could get oodles of applicants and many really showed up, in Wendell , going into a private house(mine) even Angel, wore what was asked, and had feet in face and toes in hose against lips and nose. Yet here, nothing. Many of which would drive from here over…

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Resistance may be futile, But I do my damn best to be an individule and original. I will not be assimilated.

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facefartIn the mysterious realm of Facebook, what you seldom see, is any real self original individule creativity. Its copy from one website to facebook. Or a FB page and/or group. Few use a editor to create their own headers, pictographs , or for that matter their own photos or posts. The many porn or near porn offerings are so copied and attempted duplications, that it boggles the mind. However its not just FB. Television is about just the same. It does not matter the venue. Cable, Broadcast over the air, or for that matter satellite. Networks buy other networks and become conglomerates. With little in the view of any kind of independence. They all program the same dang stuff. One gets a hit with one show, so the rest follow in step. BBC-America, leaves out one segment of the Star Trek genere. Deep Space Nine(9). They have the rest of…

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Has America forgot how to be fit and healthy?

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Morning aviators and toew jockies . It’s hump day. Wednesday. So I was taking in this new series on PoP TV, called Florida Girls. Did they purposely go out of their way to cast the chubbiest women they could find? These women are FAT. It’s one thing to be large, or have a brew belly, but these women are hefty chubby blubberish. There are lots of folks that knock the Obama’s, yet the former 1st lady was actively involved in getting our youth to eat better and reduce pounds. Yet the Disney Channel amongst others shows episodes of shows that have no other than rather hefty actors and actress’s. Is this the message we need to show our Wolf-Pup’s? The requirement of most schools in my youth all had it, where you HAD to take P.E. or physical Education. I used to dread it at Central Davis Junior High in…

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How about we start a tech company called WolfPress?It’s in the works.

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So was sitting here doing my thing trying to wade through the mud of building our website strictly for the WolfPack, and having more problems than a caterpillar with fallen arches. I thought ask the helpers. Right? Why not, they’re supposed to be tech guru geeks. Sorry the minute I picked up a wrench during my senior year at Hazzard,(Hagerman Idaho) High, I took off my nerd lab coat. I know enough tech geek to get by, but my knowledge is very low. Need to take classes as well as how to write computer code. There’s a school, down near where PoohBear lives in Gainsville Florida that teaches Computer skills. Any mile as my efforts progressed, maybe set up a few things and get some geeks involved and start a real expert company on IT, and call it WolfPress. Then WolfPress.com

and get real aggressive with it. Staying up to…

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This day started off and ends crappy.

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This day started off like a stinky bum in the face. First sweet PoohBear calls me at 04:30 hours, with some self generated crisis. With that tabled , I sawed back off to slumber, then as I was just getting into gear here, Marci from over in Twin Falls texts me saying they are throwing all my stuff out. Really? $20k of radio gear getting tossed, all because the inability to gather a crew and place to put it. But with that figured out and finally a shop to put it in, I began to relax a bit. Then getting so damn need for feed, yet with as hot as it is out, and me not able to go out in it, I stayed in the AC in both the truck and the Raven, doing auriel application of farm chemicals. 

So then found out, that the money PoohBear sent of…

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